While there is no global permafrost management movement, there are a few dedicated individuals and teams who are already working to counteract the permafrost thawing and the predicted disaster.

We endeavour to increase their work by using the film as a tool to:

– Create a coalition of all of those who want to act today

– Raise awareness among decision-makers and the public

– Build partnerships and collaborations

– Fostering dialogues and conversations

– Inspire action

We already have some very concrete action ideas:

– Have Pleistocene Park certified as a Nature-based Solution and voluntary carbon offset project by an international organization.

– Publish a forum of scientists urging the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to take into account the positive feedback loop induced by the thawing of Permafrost in their calculations, modelling and recommendations for government legislations.

– Support an indigenous climate change adaptation project.